Let’s laugh together!

In three years of being in Toastmasters, Shamontiel has held five of seven offices, including being the president for her community club. The first Toastmasters contest she ever went to was a Humor Competition, and she was sold. After leaving a corporate club for a community club, one of her favorite roles during Toastmasters meeting was the Jokemaster.

Shamontiel volunteered for it regularly and was also a yearlong host of a Chicago storytelling series called “Do Not Submit.” Her favorite stories to hear and tell more often than not had dry humor or wild incidents somewhere in the plot.

If ever there is an opportunity for Shamontiel to lean over and say, “Lemme tell you what just happened to me,” expect a comical and real-life story to follow. It may be something that embarrassed her, made her hold her sides or warmed her heart enough to let out joyful tears.

For an 18-year journalist (five years in traditional newsrooms) who reads tragic local, national and world news on a daily basis and sometimes has her own not-so-funny stories to tell, “Tickled” is her happy place.

Let her tickle your funny bone too!

Why Substack?

Shamontiel has written numerous online and print series since 2006. Some were with mainstream newspapers. Others were pretty well-known and lesser-known online news and lifestyle publications. Business decisions on her end were made, and she’s rebuilding. When she made the decision to start transitioning to Substack mid-2022, she crossed her fingers and hoped to regain her 4K followers plus more. Some have joined her, and she appreciates that. Will you come along for the ride on this Substack series and the other five?


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Laughing burns calories. Let’s focus on our funny bones together.


Shamontiel L. Vaughn

Shamontiel is a freelancer with 18 years of journalism and editing experience, along with being a three-time dog owner (Lab/German Shepherd mix, purebred German Shepherd, Hound mix).